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My YouTube Claim to Fame

After going to Paul Van Dyk’s Beach Party found this turn up and who appears in it? Well if it isn’t me and the Party Posse. We all knew we were famous, but now the world can too! Check it out.

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So about midday on Friday I am on holidays for Christmas and don’t go back to the 2nd of January. Really looking forward to the break, should be good fun. So anyone out there wanna get up to some mischief then let’s do it. Take it sleazy y’all!

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So here it is, my brand new blog. How fucking exciting hey? Well, considering all the crazy adventures I have been on lately it could have been exciting if I had bothered to do this sooner. But, I haven’t been, so it starts now. Deal with it, I know you can. Here you will find [...]

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