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Stereosonic is coming to Adelaide, and what a great lineup it is! This is one we have all been waiting for and November can’t come quick enough. By then the sun will be shining for a fun, but long day at Bonython Park with great music, and even greater friends. It will be held on [...]

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Rockets Go Back-to-Back

The Division 4 State League Grand Final was played last night at Pasadena Stadium between the North Adelaide Rockets and the Western Magic. With the Rockets dominating the Northern Conference all year, and the Magic beating out big favourite, Forestville 2, in the semi final, It was sure to be a big match up. In [...]

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We’re Coming Home

By we, I don’t mean Belinda and I, she won’t be home for another week and a half. By we, I mean me and Totoro. He rode the plane, the train and every other form of public transport with me. He even had his own seat on the plane and watched Kung Fu Panda. I [...]

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Totoro @ The Ghibli Museum

We were both so excited to be visiting Totoro at the Ghibli Museum, you could not hide the smiles on our faces! As we walked down the streets to the museum, there was signs every hundred metres or so, some with Totoro himself on them. So naturally we had some photos with them. The walk [...]

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Box Bed

Our last day in Fukuoka was fairly uneventful, as we wandered the streets, checked out a few local sites like the Fukuoka Castle Ruins before we made our way to the airport to fly back to Tokyo for my last night in Japan. I continued my crazy sleeping patters by sleeping on the plane and [...]

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