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Christmas at the Alex

Christmas Day in London was going to be very unique for all of us in a lot of ways. First of all we were all at The Alexandra bright and early by about 10AM so we could all get together for compulsory champagne and sausage and bacon sandwiches. Not really a very Christmassy breakfast but [...]

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Merry Christmas

So now it’s nearly Christmas which we will all be working at The Alexandra, and I am desperately hoping that the snow will come down over the next few days so we can have a White Christmas, but according to the weather man it’s not going to happen. It is London however, and things can [...]

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Movember – The Final Product

So here it is in all it’s glory! The final day of Movember and my mustache looking amazing. After a month of growing it, this is how it ended up, and not too badly if I do say so myself. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who donated to me, [...]

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Movember Day 9

We are 9 days into Movember now and I have returned from Poland so it was about time I actually groomed my beard and turned it into the beloved ‘mo. So here it is for you all to enjoy! Don’t forget, you can’t donate if you want to.

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Movember Day 1

Here is a photo of my clean shaven face from the 1st of November. Bring on the Mo!

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