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The Happiest Place On Earth

Now some people would argue that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but they are in actual fact, wrong. The real happiest place on Earth is actually Oktoberfest, and here is why. Number 1: Beer. How can anyone argue with that? I guess if you don’t like beer then you might, but if you [...]

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Oktoberfest Year Two

I don’t think there was any ever question of us not coming back to Oktoberfest after going in 2010. We both had so much fun the year before, and Elese again the year before that, that we just HAD to go again. We decided against the train this time, but instead went by bus, which [...]

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We arrived in Amsterdam nice and early and made our way to the hostel where we dropped our bags off then went for a wander through the city and had some food. We didn’t really do much to start with as we were all a bit tired, we just wandered really, and saw some of [...]

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Relaxing in Copenhagen

After spending the day at LEGOLAND we flew out of Billund that night and made our way to Copenhagen on a little 45 seat plane. It was pretty cool, but sometimes felt like it was going to fall apart at times. Luckily it didn’t and we touched down in Copenhagen and made our way to [...]

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Australia Day – version London

We all had the day off for Australia Day one way or another so we started nice and early with drinks at home with the 6 Aussies from the pub, including myself, Elese, Kate, Dung, Thom and Katie, as well as Katherine and Steve who were visiting from Adelaide, as well as a few others [...]

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