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Wicked is Wicked!

After already seeing a number of musicals, we had both heard from others that we just must see Wicked the Musical. We had heard great things about it from everyone and in fact that it is actually wicked. So when the oppurtunity to get some top price tickets for a decent price, we jumped on [...]

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The Lion King Musical

WOW! What else can I say? The Lion King musical was simply amazing. By far the best musical I have seen so far and although I know that isn’t out of too many, but I think it will definitely be very hard for something to top it. Elese’s sister Sarah was in town and we [...]

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GREASE Is the Word!

Grease was the word tonight as we went out to theatre to see Grease: The Musical (just in case you hadn’t worked that out yet). It was showing at the Piccadilly Theatre and we had managed to get tickets for dinner and the show. For 20 quid, who could say no! So we made our [...]

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Priscilla: The Musical

Wednesday was a night of glamour, not that we were very glamourous though. We didn’t need to be seeing as we had picked up some £10 tickets to go see Priscilla – Queen of the Desert on stage in London’s West End. There is a number of theatres around the area and Priscilla was showing [...]

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