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The Snowboarding Itch

After snowboarding for a week back in March it become evident that I was pretty much a pro at it. It was the end of the season though, and this meant that I didn’t get another chance to go and show off my skills again. However, being that it was the end of the season, [...]

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Pro’s In the Snow

Our last day on the slopes began late as we all just wanted to rest for a while before heading up the mountain. We got up there about 11AM and then we watched Kate as she attempted to get back into it after having the day off the day before. She didn’t want to keep [...]

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Snowboard Graduation

Our last day of snowboard school meant our last day of being up on the mountain by 10AM. That was a relief. Though Kate had decided to stay in bed after hurting herself the day before, so Elese and I made our way up the cable car to kick some ass on our last day. [...]

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Living In A Blizzard & The Clouds

By now we were getting used to the early starts and our bodies weren’t hurting so much after the first few days either. We got out onto the mountain and the snow was coming in thick and fast and was becoming like a blizzard. It was much colder than the previous days as well, most [...]

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My First Snow Run

Today was Elese’s birthday, and somehow, the birthday fairies had found her the night before and decorated the room with balloons and streamers. How they found her no one will know but she was so glad that they found her. There was not much rest for us though as again we were out on the [...]

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