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When My Sister Came to Visit

November was an exciting month for me as my sister Belinda was coming from Australia to visit for 3 whole weeks. She arrived one Friday morning at stupid o’clock where Elese and I tried our best to get there by the time she landed. We got the first tube but she still had to wait [...]

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The New Forest

Now you may remember from an earlier post of mine that Elese had won a Wicked Camper for a weekend when we were playing Bogan Bingo one night. So one weekend in October we picked up this van and we headed out of London to the New Forest where Elese had decided she wanted to [...]

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The Northerners

For the second month in a row we didn’t leave the country, and for a few days we went up North to a town called Barnsley where our housemate Emma is from. It was her birthday weekend and was going home for it so we went too and got to spend some time outside of [...]

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Tourist to Tour Guide

The day that Monica and Para came to London I unfortunately had to work so I was eagerly waiting 5.30 to get out of the office and see them! It had been a while since we had someone visit and I was looking forward to seeing them, having not seen them in over a year. [...]

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An English Beach

A day at the beach was in order as neither of us had actually even been to a beach in the UK at all. We caught the train in the morning down to the south of England to the seaside town of Brighton which is famous for its stone beach and the Brighton Pier. That’s [...]

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