When My Sister Came to Visit

November was an exciting month for me as my sister Belinda was coming from Australia to visit for 3 whole weeks. She arrived one Friday morning at stupid o’clock where Elese and I tried our best to get there by the time she landed. We got the first tube but she still had to wait for us to arrive, but when we did we found her sitting down reading her Kindle. She didn’t mind waiting at all. It was back on the tube after that and on to Brixton where the first stop was Starbucks which she had missed so much, then home, and for me, off to work.

Lunch time couldn’t come quick enough for me as Belinda and Elese were coming in to meet me, as well as go to the Spitalfields Markets, well at least what is there of them during the week. I went back to work as the girls continued to shop but as the jet lag and the cold was catching up with Bel, they headed for the pub to wait until I finished and could meet them there. After a couple of drinks we took Bel down to Brick Lane for some haggling and delicious curry. The haggling didn’t go so well seeing as we were cold and hungry so pretty much went in the first place we got to, though the food was great though.

The next morning we went into market overload and as I took Bel first to the Borough Markets and all the amazing food they have to offer where we bought some cheeses and pâté and bread and dips for an amazing dinner which we had no idea what it would be. After smelling and eating our way through the Borough Markets, we then headed for the weird and wonderful markets of Camden, including the Camden Lock Markets and the Stables Markets. I don’t really know why I thought it would be a good idea to take Belinda shopping as I know exactly what she is like and wanders in and out of EVERY store (or in this case stall) as I stand there and get bored. At least I had the coolness of Camden to keep me entertained. We also got to see the actual lock in action, as when we arrived there was a boat coming down the river and through the lock. It was quite cool as I didn’t really know what they were or how they had worked until previously coming to the Camden Markets, but to see it in action gave me more of an idea. (Although I had seen a miniature one built from LEGO in action at LEGOLAND). After Bel had had enough of shopping we picked up some donuts for dessert then headed home to make some dinner and chill out for the rest of the night before Bel was heading up north to see a friend the next day and then road tripping her way to Edinburgh to meet another friend and see more of the United Kingdom she had come so far to visit.

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  • Belinda:

    Hahaha… and I was trying to not to go in every stall – you would have loathed being with me and Janna when we went later on! Thanks for taking me though xox

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