Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

On the 13th of December we visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. There are rides and food and markets and a circus and even an ice rink. The ice rink was the main reason we were going there, so we could go skating. I had hoped that the lake would be frozen over and that was where we could skate, but my hopes where crushed earlier in the year when someone had told me it was a man made rink. It was still quite big though, but at the time we went there were so many people and that made it difficult to skate around at times.

I hadn’t ice skated in a long time, but it didn’t take long to get going again. A bit like riding a bike I guess, you never forget. We skated around in and out of people as much as we could and even managed to get a bit of speed at time too! Well, most of us did. Iwona spent most of the time on the edge holding onto the wall, and Kate did as well for a bit, but eventually we were all out on the ice and having a lot of fun, all 6 of us, Kate, Lucas, Iwona, John, Elese and I. After an hour though, our time on the rink was up and as we were checking out some photos from the skating a girl walked off with her hand dangling down. We think she had a broken wrist and were glad it hadn’t happened to any of us. We spent a few hours at Winter Wonderland and just wandered through the place, ate some food and checked out the markets. It was a lot of fun and makes me want to learn to skate properly, but would love to do it on lakes and ponds, although I don’t think it would get cold enough here to do so.

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