It was about a week of the weather reports teasing us before we actually got some snow but when it did come it was awfully exciting for us, but not many around us shared our enthusiasm. We didn’t care though. For a few nights walking home after work a lot of cars had been covered in ice but we were yet to see any snow. One morning I awoke to see a small layer of snow over some of the cars outside and on the ground, but no snow was falling. I went back to sleep and a couple of hours later when I woke up and looked outside, there it was, what we had been waiting for. It was SNOWING! I woke Elese up and we threw some more clothes on and went outside to enjoy our first snowfall. There wasn’t too much of it so all would could do was try and catch a few snowflakes on our tongues and throw a few small snowballs. It snowed throughout the day and it built up a little bit and we got enough to cover the ground. The snow is such a beautiful site when it is all white and covering everything. It was great for the next day.

After the snow starts to melt, it can get quite ugly and hard to walk through. While it’s soft and white, it is fun crunching through the snow and feeling it compact under each step. I love the sound it makes. Though it’s not long after you get everyone walking on it and it starts turning to brown sludge, and then eventually ice. It gets quite slippery and I found myself nearly slipping over a number of times on the way to the tube station, as well as seeing a number of other people almost slip over. You get used to though and it gets easier as you learn all the tricks for walking without slipping, or where the best spot to walk is, like in the still white, soft snow, or on the road where it has all melted away.

We had a bit more snow over the next week and which gave a nice cover and led to airports and being shutdown and the rail services running ridiculously slowly, but it wasn’t until about a week before Christmas we got a day where it started snowing quite heavily and completely covered everything. Elese and I were at home and I had noticed in the morning that it had been snowing, then throughout the day it got heavier and heavier until it was coming down so much you could barely see anything else. It was like a blizzard! It was so much fun to watch from the window and there was so much coming down. There was about 25cm of snow on our balcony so Elese and I ventured into the snow and made our first snowman. It wasn’t very big, or very good for that matter, but we gave him a Santa hat, a scarf, a carrot for a nose and cherry tomatoes for eyes. He stood about 70cm tall and that was pretty good considering the little amount of snow we had. Later in the day on our way to work Elese decided that the time had come to make a snow angel as well, so she lay down in the snow and there it was. It would have been better if the snow was deeper, but it was still pretty good!

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